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The Odigitriya Charity Foundation provides support to prisoners and former prisoners, offering psychological, social, and material assistance.

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Odigitriya Charity Foundation Urgently Calls for Donations to Support War Victims, Prison Inmates, and the Ukrainian Armed Forces

Odesa, Ukraine 04.06.2024
— The Odigitriya Charity Foundation is urgently appealing to individuals and organizations worldwide to support our mission in aiding those affected by the ongoing war in Ukraine, continuing our critical work with prisoners and former prisoners, and assisting the Ukrainian Armed Forces by providing essential camouflage nets.

Since the onset of the conflict, our nation has faced an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. Millions have been displaced from their homes, thousands require medical and psychological assistance, and many are in dire need of basic life-sustaining resources. Despite the challenging conditions, our foundation is committed to helping those in the most critical situations.

How We Are Helping?

The Odigitriya Charity Foundation is actively engaged in the following areas:

    Emergency Relief: Providing food, water, clothing, and essential supplies.
    Psychological Assistance: Offering counseling and psychological support to those affected by the conflict.

Our Prison Mission

In addition to our war relief efforts, the Odigitriya Charity Foundation continues its dedicated mission to support prisoners and former prisoners. Our prison mission includes:

    Social Reintegration: Helping former inmates reintegrate into society by providing job training, educational opportunities, and social support.
    Material Assistance: Supplying prisoners with basic necessities such as hygiene products, clothing, and food.
    Psychological Support: Offering counseling and mental health services to help inmates cope with incarceration and prepare for life after release.
    Healthcare Services: Ensuring that inmates receive necessary medical care and medicines
    Children of Inmates: Supporting the children of incarcerated individuals through educational programs and emotional support.

Supporting the Ukrainian Armed Forces

To aid the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Odigitriya Charity Foundation together with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is actively involved in weaving camouflage nets. These nets are crucial for protecting our soldiers and military equipment from enemy detection and attacks. Our volunteers, including former prisoners, are dedicated to producing high-quality camouflage nets that meet the needs of the Ukrainian military.

How You Can Help?

We urge everyone who can to join our mission. Your donations will help us continue our work and expand our assistance to those who need it most.

    Bank Transfer: You can make a donation via bank transfer using the following details:

Beneficiary: Blahodiina Orhanizatsiia 'Blahodiinyi Fond 'Odyhitriia'
IBAN: UA393005280000026000455012355
Beneficiary's bank: OTP Bank

WebMoney    Z451417690733

PayPal           [email protected]
Material Donations: We also accept donations of food, clothing, medications, and other essential items.
Please call +380674855333 for more details.

Join Us

Your participation can save lives, help thousands cope with the impact of war, support the rehabilitation and reintegration of prisoners into society, and contribute to the safety of our soldiers. Join our foundation and make a difference in the future of Ukraine and its most vulnerable populations.

For more information, please contact us:

    Contact Person: father Dmitry
    Phone:                 +380674855333
    Email:                   [email protected]
    Website:               https://mission.tyurem.net/en

About the Odigitriya Charity Foundation

The Odigitriya Charity Foundation provides support to prisoners and former prisoners, offering psychological, social, and material assistance.
During the war, we have expanded our mission to help all those affected by the conflict and to support the Ukrainian Armed Forces by producing essential camouflage nets.


We thank everyone for their support and compassion.
Together, we can make a difference and create a brighter future!

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