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I am afraid, I have to beg for help again. People who responded to my previous publication (dd March 6) helped me to cover only the most burning debts.

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture
I am afraid, I have to beg for help again.

People who responded to my previous publication (dd March 6) helped me to cover only the most burning debts. But today it became even worse – my debts were handed over to the bill debtor’s collectors, and they will not let me work, I mean, that I would not be able to advise the detainees and their relatives, because these collectors will call me 100 times per day, and same they will do to my wife...

Debts have reached a critical level – within the 11 years that I have been involved in charity, they have become very big.

My family has 5 people, including two children aged 10 and 11 and their old Grandmother. Besides I still have to take care of the homeless who come to my home, and those in places of imprisonment faithful believers who can count only on me.

I am begging all concerned Ukrainians for help, because if I do not pay off my debts, I will be forced to sell my own apartment.
I have already sold the car.
My wrist watch is in the pawnshop.
I see no other way out.
Earthly bow and gratitude to all the sacrificial workers.
Now I am begging for help for my own self It is me, who is needy now. One of the cases has already been handed over to the collectors.
Thank you for your kind heart.
And God Bless You!
5168 7427 2261 5550 Privat Bank
5375 4141 1233 7901 monobank
Details for transfers in national currency
Recipient: Odigitria Charitable Foundation
IBAN Account №: UA393005280000026000455012355
Recipient code: 39893123
Recipient's bank:
City of ​​Kyiv, 01033, str. Zhylyanska, 43
Details for transfers in foreign currency
Beneficiary: Odyhytriia,

Account IBAN #: UA393005280000026000455012355

Beneficiary’s bank: OTP BANK JSC

43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033


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