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Southern Correctional Colony #51

Южная Исправительная Колония №51

SSC#51, Lustdorfska road 9, Odessa

  • Liturgy in the colony library
    The prisoners confess, listen to epistles of the New Testament, to the Gospels and a sermon. Partake of Holy Mysteries of Christ.
  • Consecration of the residential sections.
  • Lectures and talks to the prisoners on various topics, where prisoners can ask questions and together with the priest to discuss various aspects of our lives.
  • Lectures for colony staff
    At the lectures priest explains and tells about the doctrine of the Orthodox Church, and answers to various questions.
  • Hospital service
    The priest comes to the colony hospital, walking through the wards, praying for the sick, talking, anointing with sanctified oil, partake of the Holy Mysteries of Christ for seriously ill patients.
  • Humanitarian assistance to prisoners
    Periodically, the priest brings and distributes to needy: bread, clothing and footwear, daily necessities
Development plans:
  • Build the Temple in the Colony
  • Organize the work so that every prisoner had contact and relationships.
  • Providing prisoners in need with basic necessities, warm clothing and footwear.
Permanent needs:
  • Clothing, shoes, underwear
  • Hygiene items