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Help for inmates

Help for inmates

Reach out to prisoners

The majority of our citizens, entirely absorbed by current economic and political issues, rarely think about the need to care for prisoners in Ukraine. After all, the state of correctional system is not perfect. Financing and maintenance of 70 thousand people, who are now in prison, is one of the lowest among the countries of the civilized world. Among other glaring problems should be noted often appalling conditions in the cells, poor nutrition, information and cultural hunger, lack of legal assistance to prisoners, etc., resulting in a depressed psycho-emotional state of people and the feeling of his own powerlessness. Equally important is the assistance to former prisoners who can not independently adapt to their new environment and integrate into society as a full member of it.

On comprehensive assistance to prisoners who find themselves in difficult life situations activity Prison Mission of the Foundation "Hodegetria" directed, carried out in communion with the Church. The participants of the organization and all indifferent ones implementing projects to provide assistance to prisoners in prisons in the material, psychological, moral, and social aspects. We help start life anew those who released from prison and can not find themselves in a changed time of the conclusion of the society. It is also in charge of assistance fund prisoners - patients and all those who need care and support

Charity by Helping Prisoners

The first priority is the psychological and social assistance to prisoners through the liturgy, lectures, interviews in places of detention, psychological work with prisoners. It is equally important to stimulate the craving for the eternal and beautiful - it organizes activities such as poetry competition, all kinds of concerts, work is underway to improve the quality of prisoners incommunicado and family. In a more global scale - the construction of churches and chapels at the colonies, which will maintain light of faith and hope

The financial assistance to prisoners often. deprived of basic human needs benefits to quench, to cover the cost, not considered public system. This treatment of patients who have not paid due attention to the clothing purchase, shoes, things of personal hygiene, assistance with children born in detention.

Cases of powerless treatment of prisoners is not rare in our country, so the legal assistance to prisoners is very relevant in today's realities and addresses the issue when a person deprived of liberty, it would seem, no one able to help. Priest Dmitry Krasnobaev personally involved in people's lives and contribute to the resolution of complex legal situations.

Also, prison mission is guarded sick prisoners, in particular HIV-positive prisoners who have not provided adequate public health services. Need help and need of patients at large, as well as children without parental care, as also deals with our organization

Help former prisoners

Exit to freedom after a few years of its limitations often does not bring long-awaited relief - a person feels discomfort at least, their own vulnerability, isolation from society and lack of protection. The difficulties of adaptation and socialization associated with employment, housing, restoration of documents, as well as human society inaction suffers from almost every vacant.

The prison mission of the Foundation "Hodegetria" provides assistance to former prisoners in finding a job, housing, helps renew the documents. What's more important - our staff help to overcome in the liberated fear of the future and not close in themselves. To do this, hold conversations priests with the former ZOC, encouraged their communion with the Church

The plans of director Dmitry Krasnobaev Fund -.Creation of the Rehabilitation Centre for prisoners receiving only liberated and assist them in complex tasks.

How to support "Hodegetria" fund to help prisoners

Charitable Foundation invites all concerned to contribute to the fate of the people who are in a difficult situation and who need our help. You can join the prison mission so:

Do not stay on the sidelines - help the needy. Contacts can be found on the website for prisoners.

Prison Mission

Prison Mission of Charity Fund "Hodegetria "

The Fund is engaged in supporting and implementation of social projects that provide moral, psychological and material assistance, adaptation, rehabilitation and socialization of the prisoners and former prisoners, who are in need.  

Now we supervise the prison of Odessa and two penal colonies: Southern Correctional Colony No51 (SCC#51) and Black Sea Correctional Colony No74 for women (BSCC#74).

Our work aims to correct the criminals in prison for the purpose of returning them to society as adequate people that are no longer on the way of crime. At the moment the work is carried out only on private donations of people.

Prisoners are often in need of basic necessities, hygiene, warm wear and so on. But they need attention and care most, to understand they are still human beings. It prevents them from desperation helping to come back in the society.

The work is carrying out in communion with the Church. The Director of the Foundation - the priest of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine Dmitry Krasnobaev.