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Love of God and his Mercy to all.

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From our experience:

Those who have no one close, no one to turn for help, call and write to us.

First of all, this is communication, long conversations about life, about faith, about the church, about Christ and His sacrifice.

And as a result of such communication, a desire is born to help the repentant in his everyday matters, so that he would not look for soap and washing powder, but would open the New Testament, and maybe the Word of God will touch his heart, and he will change, and will never be the same “bad”...



There is an acute issue with medications that do not have at all, and the patient may simply die if the necessary medications are not obtained somewhere ...

So they call, and write, and ask for the most necessary things, things that we don't pay attention to in our everyday life, but just go to the store and buy ...

For a lonely and sick person who has lost all hope, our help can become a soul-saving act of mercy, and will bring faith, hope, and a little love to the life of the desperate ...

Two kind people responded to the latest publication about the collection of donations for the sick and the needy.

I understand - it's not easy for everyone now.

But for a prisoner who has no one, he is hungry and seriously ill, I think, it is more difficult than for us.


It turns out that for his crime he bears a heavier punishment than determined by the court decision.

He asks for forgiveness from God, from me, from everyone. There are hundreds of such prisoners. Those who sincerely regret and repent.

They need help so that after leaving the places of detention they do not again embark on the path of crime.

There is no one but us to help them, and we are quite capable of providing them with the help they need.

Treating the sick is our basic setting.

It is mercy and compassion.

Help with what we can:






They say it's cold ...


Odessa Nova Pochta, warehouse 30

Krasnobayev Dmitry Olegovich





Bazarnaya, 25

Krasnobaev Dmitry Olegovich



5168 7427 2261 5550 PRIVAT BANK


5375 4141 1233 7901 monobank


Love of God and his Mercy to all.


Реквізити для переказів у національній валюті


Благодійна Організація "Благодійний Фонд "Одигітрія"

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місто Київ, 01033, вул. Жилянська, 43


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43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033

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