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Charitable Odigitriya is a charitable Foundation, which has been working throughout Ukraine since 2013.

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Charitable Odigitriya is a charitable Foundation, which has been working throughout Ukraine since 2013.
Our major target was to help people, who came out of prison, homeless and sick.
Now, during the war we also help people in need, city's reference services give our phone number to everyone who needs help.
And certainly to numerous people, who came out of prisons and remained in Ukraine alone because of their relatives left the country, and they have no one to help.
Donations, which were the main source of our Charitable foundation existence considerably dropped down after Russian invasion.
Simultaneously incoming requests to help increased.
Charitable organization "Charitable Foundation" Odigitriya " badly needs the following:
1. Disposable Baby’s diapers 90х90 cm
.2. Food Products.
3. Clothes
4. Shoes
5. Personal hygiene items and essentials
6. Underwear and bed linen.
7 Medications: antipyretic, anti-inflammatory, analgesics, antibiotics of a wide range of action.
8. Vehicle for transportation of people and humanitarian help.
9. Money for workers of the Foundation.
We will pray for You for any help You will give.
Great Blessing to You and Your Families!
Укр Пошта 65048
Краснобаєв Дмитро (Krasnobaiev Dmytro)
Нова Пошта
Відділення 30
Краснобаєв Дмитро
5168 7427 2261 5550 Private Bank
5375 4141 1233 7901 monobank
Details for transfers in national currency Recipient:
Odigitria Charitable Foundation
IBAN Account №: UA393005280000026000455012355
Recipient code: 39893123 Beneficiary,s bank:
OTP BANK JSC city Kyiv, 01033, str. Zhylyanska, 43
Beneficiary: Odyhytriia
Account IBAN #: UA393005280000026000455012355
Beneficiary’s bank: OTP BANK JSC
43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033
Жертовно працюючим земний уклін та подяка велика!
Слава Україні!

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