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The prisoner addressed Me, saying He had nothing: no soap, no linen. Being the orphan himself.

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The prisoner addressed Me, saying He had nothing: no soap, no linen. Being the orphan himself.  A  very young man, and his case  is not heavy ... . I would like to help him ...
.. besides it is necessary to collect 3 more parcels to be sent to remand prison of Izmail, and three  more colonies in Dnepropetrovsk, Odessa, and Kherson region: personal hygiene items, bed  linen and underwear, products, medicines

Odessa, Novaya Pochta  (New Mail),Warehouse 30
Dmitry Krasnobaev
Mob.tel :   +38067 48 55 333;  My pay card in Privat Bank  5168 7427 1485 8192
Love to All

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