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Today the Liturgy was served in the convict colony of intensive regime .

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Today the Liturgy was served in the convict colony of intensive regime .

Let us pray for peace and for Ukraine, for the soldiers, for our city, and for those who did not live to see this day.

Holy Communion  took place...

Abstract from the sermon:

"We all are so far from a state when we will take with joy any event in our lives – as the one from the Lord, even such as the looting of our property.

We “sour” at home in cabinets and on shelves things that we can never wear out,

We throw away food because we were not able to eat it and it was spoiled,

and are terribly upset when we lose something, even a very small  thing...

That means –that we are carnally minded,  and think, and care about earthly things and not heavenly ...

and treasures, of our heart are in our wardrobes, garages, and pleasures of the flesh ...

We shall raise the eyes of the heart to Christ and open your ears to His word,

And struggled to start and try to keep to his commandments,

Being meek, in sober judgment and repentance...

... And only then we can hope that the Lord will have mercy on us, Thou good and the Lover of Man... "

Next Liturgy – on Thursday,

and Saturday - Sacrament of the sick


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