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Prisoners from high-security penal colony appealed for help

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

Prisoners from high-security penal colony appealed for help (not in the Odessa region), and told that there is nothing in their prison hospital: gauze instead of bandages, no syringes, no elementary medicines, let alone more serious medical preparations.
I will not be clarifying how the medicines or the funds allocated to them have disappeared, it’s not my part.
My task is to fill up the acute shortage of medications as quickly as possible in this regime institution, and therefore I am announcing the collection: I ask everyone to look into their first-aid kits and send me the medications you do not need.
You can also go to the pharmacy, and buy medicine - write to me in PM, and I'll give the names of the drugs.
From home stocks - look at the validity terms!
This gathering is performed for the glory of God in fulfillment of the commandment of Christ - to show mercy to the sick and the prisoners.
Faith and love to all!.


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