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This week was very fruitful - services were held in the colony, prison, AIDS center and city hospitals.

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

This week was very fruitful - services were held in the colony, prison, AIDS center and city hospitals.
There were sent parcels to places of imprisonment in several regions of Ukraine.
Drugs and medicines are handed over to those in need in city hospitals.
I’ve made consultations and conversations in person and on the phone - countless.
Earthly bow and gratitude for Your Acts of Mercy and Prays!
Next week plans include services in prisons, AIDS center, and city hospitals;
As well as sending parcels and food, medicines, products, personal care and essential goods, underwear and bed linen.
Prisoner needs an operation – his only relatives are his wife and a small child, that's why I got involved in this problem and I want to help.
I can only collect funds for this important and socially significant job today on Facebook, And I do this.
Please help - as much as you can, and even if it is quite a bit - it will be very good and valuable.


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