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What,in my opinion is the most important and key question in the prison mission?

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

What,in my opinion is the most important and key question in the prison mission?
It is necessary to create conditions for the quality work of the prison Priest in the MLS (detention facilities). The prison Priest shall become part of the convict reformation system, the Priest's access to prisoners shall be simplified  as much as possible, many of prisoners today do not physically have the opportunity to communicate with the Priest.
Presently, the Priest, who wants to serve and preach in the detention facility is a hostage to the administration of penitentiary institutions, which may let him to the prisoners (as it was in 2012 - 2017), and may not, as it happened now in one of the institutions – "we have no escort for you, so, leave us alone .. "
I was told that a new draft bill on the penitentiary system has already been written, and I have a question: what is the role in this law for the prison Priest and his work on spot with the prisoners?
The prison Priesthood regulations should be written, going into small details so that there is no misunderstanding.
This is a great work, and I am ready to participate in it, basinh on my 7-year experience of serving in the detention facilities.
Let's do something about it...


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