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Received a request from the sick - they need medicine

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

Received a request from the sick - they need medicine: ... Ofor number 10, dicloberl number 10 (candles), gepabene tabl, antral, glutargin, urolesan, dollar, dysbilak, nimesil, mefinaminka, spasmalgon, tempalgin, milk thistle. ... Father Dmitry, I am turning to you again for help. ...

... and another patient turned Here is a list of necessary, if you can help wants something, we will be very grateful: Livostor 20mg, Unprecedented 5mg, kombisart5mg, 160mg, 2,5mg, acecor cardio, normative, xarelto 10mg, calcium d 3 Nicomed, these are drugs for very long-term use, those that are prescribed temporarily, we buy ourselves, and these are needed constantly, and some generally lifelong ...

Everyone in their place is doing everything they can, helping each other, and thus also brings victory closer!

Faith, mercy and love to all.

Thank God!

Glory to Ukraine!


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