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Today, on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of the True Cross,

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

Today, on the bright holiday of the Resurrection of the True Cross,

the Liturgy took place in the Church of the  Image  Not-Made-By-Hands  of  our Lord Jesus Christ

at the AIDS Center in Kriva Balka.

Prayed for all of us, for the sick, also read the Gospel, and received Holy Communion of the Holy Mysteries ...

I kindly beg You to pray for the severely ill Feodora - a young woman who screams for the whole hospital for the third day, and

nothing helps her - this is either a meningitis or a toxoplasmosis, or both - terrible pains, and nothing removes these pains...

... also pray for Alexander, who wants to live a godly life.

Love to all.


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