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On January 15, 2022 we marked the 10th Anniversary of the Hodegetria Mission!

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

On January 15, 2022 we marked the 10th Anniversary of the Hodegetria Mission!
Over these past ten years, the Mission has provided moral, material and spiritual support to thousands of the sick, the homeless and the prisoners.
Within the first years of work I looked for those in need myself, today they find me themselves: my phone number is well known between the people who can not cope with difficult life circumstances. And no one can without assistance...
The phone rings continuously from morning to late evening.
People seek the God, seek repentance and faith. And faith without deeds is dead.
Therefore, the Mission continues its work and will continue to do so as long as it has any power.
Many thanks and an earthly bow to those who sacrifices and prays.
5168 7427 2261 5550 Private Bank
5375 4141 1233 7901 monobank
Details for transfers in national currency Recipient:
Odigitria Charitable Foundation
IBAN Account №: UA393005280000026000455012355
Recipient code: 39893123 Beneficiary,s bank:
OTP BANK JSC city Kyiv, 01033, str. Zhylyanska, 43
Beneficiary: Odyhytriia
Account IBAN #: UA393005280000026000455012355
Beneficiary’s bank: OTP BANK JSC
43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033


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