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Today a Liturgy took place in Odessa prison, the convict colony of intensive regime.

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

 Today  a Liturgy took place in Odessa prison, the convict colony of intensive regime.


Some fifteen persons participated.

To hear the message of the Apostles and the Gospel.

In the sermon prisoners have heard about repentance, about the fulfillment of the Law of Christ, not only of the obedience, about  mercy on the weak, the sick and the needy - as about the pledge of salvation, also about how to keep oneself uncontaminated by the world, because we all stumble in many ways. ..

They confessed their sins, took the Holy Communion ...

... And after service - Communication: planning with the creation of the prisoners’ Church on the territory of the colony -formed a construction team ...

Thank you father deacon Sergius for concelebration.

With Sergei Kharitonov


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