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I collect product-a ware care packages to the colony, and prison

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

I collect product-a ware care packages to the colony, and prison –

I’ve sent my wife to the store, and collect the things myself at the ware house, I feel lousy, that is the logical consequence of the lack of my brains. Doctors have forbidden to take up anything heavier censer ...

... Continue thinking: who will carry these care  packages to prisoners?

As to the rest – we are gradually moving with the help of God: almost completed  liturgical equipment in the prison chapel Snt.  Apollinaria and in adaptation center where people  live, also ordered a window- only one, because the money was enough for one ...

If it is very difficult - this is very good because it requires constant efforts, thanks to which admires the kingdom of heaven.

And I believe the Lord has sent out laborers into his harvest ... they just lingered on the road ...



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