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The divine service was held in the Odessa prison

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

The divine service was held in the Odessa prison.

We prayed for Ukraine, about the ones in power and the military,

about all of us, and commemorated those who are no longer with us.

And I will l soon leave this world , and You, but our children will continue living,

and it depends on us today - which spiritual legacy

we leave them - the spirit ofmeekness, obedience, and love,

or the spirit of provocation, hatred and lies ...

We have a new prisoner, let’s continue working.

The prison hospital  still badly needs Ultrasound machine, cardiograph, and test tubes for blood sampling ...

Obedience to God's will – to everybody,

Contrition of spirit, humility and repentance.

Thursday - Liturgy in the convict colony of intensive regime:.

Friday - Liturgy at the AIDS center ...

We continue collecting closing, daily necessities,

food and medicines for the sick, the needy and the prisoners -  let them mend their ways...

My tel. +38067 485 53 33

Site  http://mission.tyurem.net/en/help


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