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The Social Adaptation Centre for those released from prisons continues its work.

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The Social Adaptation Centre for those released from prisons continues its work.
Now there is one former prisoner in the center, he spent totally 24 years in prison. He needs adaptation for minimum 2 years.
Two weeks later, another one comes out of prison of intensive regime. The adaptation period is at least half a year.
In some 3 months one more prisoner leaves the prison. The general term of his imprisonment is 10 years. 5 years out of these 10 he spent in prison of intensive regime. His adaptation period is at least 1 year.
All these people are not able to integrate themselves into our society: they need help, otherwise they will slide into the darkness of crime again.
Presently, the financial balance of the mission is negative: unfortunately debts are everywhere.
I am not in a position to cope with this - there is neither time nor energy, because I systematically visit the Odessa prison of intensive regime, the Odessa Remand Prison (SIZO), the temporary detention center, the AIDS center in Kriva Balka and the city hospitals.
I also conduct active social work — prisoners from all regions of Ukraine are asking for the most basic needs - basic necessities: personal hygiene items, food and medicine. This social work gives the society an opportunity to show compassion, serve, and satisfy the soul’s need to commit acts of mercy : the mission takes care of all categories of citizens - from the small children to the aged people.
If there is no such need, then I recommend to turn to common sense, which dictates that the matter of correcting criminals is a very important and socially significant matter.

I collect donations so that I can give out to the needy.
To all who pray and are involved in Acts of Mercy - bow to the ground and the great gratitude!

Beneficiary: Blahodiina Orhanizatsiia 'Blahodiinyi Fond 'Odyhitriia'
Account #: 26000455012355
Beneficiary's bank: OTP Bank
Love to all.

Reabilitation Center

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