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A Liturgy took place in Odessa prison

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A Liturgy took place in Odessa prison 

We prayed for Ukraine, for Odessa, for piece, for soldiers, for the killed and tortured in prisons and .prison camps.
Received the sacraments

Part of the Sermon:

"Listen to the Gospel, and try to comply with.

Do everything through the advice --in questions of  the  choice, and with the blessing - in matters large and small.

Think  through  the poverty of Your spirit - because we never find any humility or meekness, or love with chastity, unless the Lord will give us these great gifts.

Weep for your sins - -and rejoice that God hears you.

Pray for thirst to do what is right. Pray for thirst about the thirst. Pray for mercy, and try to do with all and in all honestly.

Throw away everything unclean, and no longer touch - and the Lord will host You .


Gave parcel to prisoners—food products, footwear


We continue collect medicines, clothing, footwear, food and funds for the Prison Mission.


photo by Boris Bukhman


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