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I ‘ve given the above information in connection with the fact that the Mission Hodigitria has celebrated its Birthday - 6 years!

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

Six years ago, I held the first service in a penal colony (YUK 51) ...
... and I continue priest service here to this very day.
Now the religious service in a remand prison (SIZO) was added, as well as religious services in AIDS center (hospital, in-patient department), children's departments of the TB regional dispensary and the regional psychiatric clinic ... prisoners from Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Donetsk, Kiev, and other regions call me for help and advice.
I regularly hold services in the chapel attached to Lermontov  spa resort, Odessa, and in Odessa  military hospital .
In addition to the priestly service, I provide imprisoned and patients with material and all-round support, including parcels, and transfers with medications, food, things, household chemicals and basic necessities.
I ‘ve given the above information in connection with the fact that the Mission Hodigitria  has celebrated its Birthday - 6 years!
The best congratulation for us is the prayer and material participation in the work of the mission.
5168 7555 0388 0888 – my PRIVAT bank card, Odessa,Ukraine.
Novaya Pochta  (New Mail)
Warehouse 30
Dmitry Krasnobaev
Mob.tel :   +38067 48 55 333
Collected and transferred care package (food, clothing, and necessities )to prisoners of the Odessa remand prison.
I wish Patience and Faith to everybody.


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