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Love and Gratitude to all.

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

Despite of the bad state of health, I have to complete the program:
tomorrow a remand prison and a military hospital, on Wednesday – a remand prison and AIDS center,
Thursday – prison colony 51, Friday - children's departments of the TB dispensary,
and a psychiatric clinic, and at the weekend - city hospitals.
Shortage of frankincence  and candles, and even of church wine Cahors ...,  icons are almost all distributed, same as next-to-skin crosses...
Household needs are also not covered.
Please find below my bank card in PRIVAT  Bank in Odessa, Ukraine for the transfer of funds for the work of the Mission, as well as for the gifts and congratulations to the sick and the imprisoned
                                              5168 7555 0388 0888

Love  and Gratitude to all.
My phone and Viber +380674855333

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