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The charitable organization "Hodigitria Charitable Fund" has some amount of funds to help displaced people and the needy.

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The charitable organization "Hodigitria Charitable Fund" has some amount of funds to help displaced people and the needy.
There are funds for the "Restoration of Life" charitable project, which consists in the adaptation program for those released from prisons.
But in the office and warehouse located at my home and in my family, there are problems that need an urgent solution:
Balcony doors need repair - replacement of panels.
Microwave - gone.
We need to buy some medicine - a heavy invoice.
I need a laptop - the old one cannot be repaired...
A laptop is needed for studying, for successful charity work, for lessons with sons, and for many other things...
Part of the plumbing equipment needs urgent replacement.
And a some things more, and more, and more...
I don't know how to solve these issues now, but they must be solved, and since God works through people, I am addressing to you - the work I am doing is not mine personally, it is socially significant, and I would like to continue it as long as it lasts strength...
PayPal [email protected]
0674855333 тел
5375 2351 0042 8836 А банк
5375 4141 1233 7901 monobank
Details for transfers in national currency Recipient:
Odigitria Charitable Foundation
IBAN Account №: UA393005280000026000455012355
Recipient code: 39893123 Beneficiary,s bank:
OTP BANK JSC city Kyiv, 01033, str. Zhylyanska, 43
Beneficiary: Odyhytriia
Account IBAN #: UA393005280000026000455012355
Beneficiary’s bank: OTP BANK JSC
43 Zhylyanska Str., Kyiv, 01033
To all those who work and donate, I bow down and thank you very much!
Together we will win!
Thank God!
Glory to Ukraine


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