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We love comfort and safety. So that we, and those whom we love, are healthy, successful, and are with us. And that's normal.

Аватар пользователя Дмитрий Краснобаев
We love comfort and safety. So that we, and those whom we love, are healthy, successful, and are with us. And that's normal.
But next to us there is another world, full of suffering, loneliness and pain.
We have fenced off from it in our cars, apartments and houses, we don't notice, we don't want to notice, until this world touches ourselves and we become a part of it.
This is the world of hospitals, orphanages, poor hostels, the world of prisons and lazaretto camps.
It may happen that we will live our whole life in prosperity and comfort, and will never know how to live in this other world.
We also do notthink about death.
We live as if we have another 1000 years ahead of us, so there is nowhere to rush, we will have time for everything.
And we forget about eternity, which is already very close, at our door,
How do we want to enter this eternity? Clothed in what deeds?
God tells us to be merciful, compassionate, sacrificial, visit prisoners, feed the hungry, heal the sick. And this activity should become our mission - the meaning and purpose of existence.
We’ll enter into Eternity, clothed with His deeds then, and we will be accepted by Him, and we will spend the Eternity with Him.
And if we live as if the Lord did not say, and did not do anything for us, We will also spend the Eternity without Him, in suffering and pain that we did not know in our earthly life, because the Universe is balanced by Him, and we are a part of it, a part of this world, in which there exists side by side both Joy and Sorrow.
And if our heart reacts to the pain of people who are not our relatives, reacts with a desire to help them, to make their suffering less - then we do deeds of Mercy, do for Him, for He wants us to do so.
It is up to us to decide how to spend earthly life, for we have the opportunity to choose while we are alive.
Love, Mercy and Faith to All.

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