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This week's plans are vast

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

This week's plans are vast:
Monday - communication with the detention facilities and jails  administration. Coordination of mutual work.

Tuesday – Liturgy at the AIDS hospita Church in Kriva Balka, then a funeral.
On Wednesday - the shipment of equipment to the colony,

the preparing and sending of parcels around Ukraine to places of deprivation of liberty.
Thursday - Liturgy in the colony, then a concert.
Friday is the preparation for the presentation of the charity organization "Charity Fund" Odigitria ",

and a concert in Kiev.
Saturday and Sunday - Liturgy in the chapel of Lermontovsky spa resort of Odessa.
Children. Children. Children. They are always on schedule, and on the1st place, yes.
Such are the movements.
Join, who has the desire.
All love and sacrificial heart.


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