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The sermon, communication, tears, prayers - today I am in the women's prison.

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

I would often come to them, but so far - one day a week, in principle - is sufficient at  this stage ...

Girls want  to be baptized, to confess, to communicate ... I'm happy with all this ... After the colony - in another colony. How can I get past  the prison, and did not go? In any way that is not possible. I’ve met a man who urgently needed to be hospitalized, and  the  fact  that he was not  jet on the med. treatment – was not  the fault of the administration: He  himself did not  comprehend. In short – he’ll get med. treatment. Medications might be needed, I will write. Then more  people, and more ... and then called on (God bless Alexander Filippov) thevolunteers, picked up something from the clothing for prisoners, something that does not come to ... ATO (Anti-terrorist Operation)

Here I come home.


Tired, yeah ...)

Photo  by  Boris Bukhman


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