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Prisoners of jail also ask for sports trousers, shirts and light jackets.

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

Prisoners of  the convict colony of intensive regime ask for shoes of 43rd and 42 size.

Prisoners of jail also ask for sports trousers, shirts and light jackets.

Also, they also need the food products, linens (for bed and underwear), drugs

and basic necessities.

The work of the Prison Mission today is also woefully inadequate - there is a need to invite an ophthalmologist -

check the eyesight of prisoners, and order  glasses for those  who need  them. So that they could read ...

You can participate in the work of the charity prison mission “Hodegetria " in many different ways which are described in section "to help" of this site.

Love to all.


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