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12items out of what I would like to fulfill

Дмитрий Краснобаев's picture

12items out of what I would like to fulfill:
1. Educate children, teach them to distinguish between good and bad, educating themselves.
2. To create an adaptation center for those released from prison in each regional center of Ukraine.
3. To create a working group of prison priests, which will be closely interacting with adaptation centers.
4. To give the material and financial grounds for prison God services and for the work of adaptation centers.
5. Make repairs in my own apartment.
6. To create centers for the preparation of prison and hospital priests attached to the adaptation centers.

7. To loose 15 kg. of waight
8. To learn English.
9. To assemble a community.
10. Participate in the creation of the "Regulations on the Prison Priesthood", for prison priests serving in prisons.
11. Make a music program.
12. To complete at least half of the above timely.
I'm not a saint.
I'm a penitent.
I'll do what I can, and how God will give.

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